Intelligent Automation

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Integrated in a 6 step training, with a duration of 8 weeks, each RPA Developer will acquire base knowledge that enables them to create autonomously low to medium complexity automations.

Intelligent Automation

Are you ready to embark on your journey in Intelligent Automation?

This course is for Automation Developers, Project Managers, Solution Architect, Business Analyst or Infrastructure Engineer. Are you looking to learn more about how you can save time and money?

Increase your business productivity and achieve ROI faster it’s possible with the power of Robotic Process Automation, using UiPath.

Course Curriculum:

  • UiPath Developer Foundations
  • C# / VB & Best Practices
  • Error Handling
  • UiPath Developer Advanced
  • Documentation (PDD & Service Manual)
  • Excel & VBA

You only need a computer and some dedicated time to expand your knowledge.

Let’s make IT Work?

UiPath Developer Academy

Throughout this course, you’ll learn to:

Understand the applicability of RPA and design its implementation.
Apply the UiPath methodology to your company's business processes.
Create automations of simple and medium difficulty.
Control the automations through UiPath Orchestrator.
Develop the documentation process (PDD).
Identify solutions to the most common challenges in the automation process.

Empower your team with a tailored and personalized training program

Baseline knowledge
Through our rigorous training methodology, each element acquires a base knowledge, facilitating the team management, utilization of the best practices and techniques.

Continous growth
With a clear definition of the maturity level for each member, we guarantee a continuous growth of each software developer.

Process domain
Taking advantage of our experience in several business domains and systems, each member is ready to excel in the development of new business automations or maintenances.

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