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How to Become an IT Project Manager? My Journey from UiPath Developer to PM

Hello! I’m Vanessa Cova, and today I’ll share with you my transition from programmer to Project Manager. What prompted me to make this change? What were the biggest challenges I faced? And, what does my day-to-day look like now? 🚀✨

In a constantly evolving field like IT, we often seek new challenges and career opportunities. My journey encapsulates a pivotal transition, evolving from a developer specializing in Intelligent Automation to the role of a Project Manager. This shift wasn’t just a job title change but, more profoundly, encompassed a transformation of skills and mindset.

My odyssey commenced with developing robots in UiPath within the realm of Intelligent Automation, encompassing cross-functional roles as a Business Analyst. However, I quickly felt the need to broaden my horizons. While a technical role meant being immersed in code maost of the time, I recognized the necessity and desire to acquire broader and more versatile skills such as communication, leadership, team management, and strategic thinking.

In my experience, the technical background proved to be crucial. Supervising the technological project lifecycle, I could, for the first time, have a holistic view and sensitivity to aspects like time and risk management. I knew what it was like to be on the other side—the programmers’ side when developing web & mobile solutions.

Communication and interpersonal skills became my allies as I navigated between stakeholders, translating technical details into accessible language. Having a better understanding of the overall landscape expanded my perspective, allowing me to delve into topics such as budgets, risk management, and technological project timelines.

Technological projects rarely follow a linear process; the greatest challenge was learning to manage daily unexpected challenges and meet stakeholders’ expectations, making these skills essential in day-to-day operations.

Planning and strategy became crucial, from reviewing project plans to aligning goals and ensuring timelines were in line with organizational objectives. Bridging the gap between the development team, facing challenges promptly, making decisions quickly, and finding effective solutions are almost like daily rituals that enable projects to move forward.

This transition from Intelligent Automation to Project Manager has been a rewarding journey, demanding a delicate balance between technical knowledge and interpersonal skills. Embracing challenges, focusing on holistic skill development, and savoring the satisfaction of guiding a team to the successful delivery of projects characterize each day in this dynamic role.

The transition not only broadened my professional horizons but also allowed me to have a more impactful contribution. Above all, it provided me with the opportunity to embrace new growth and learning opportunities every day.

I sincerely hope to have been of help to all those considering making this transition or embarking on the journey as a project manager! At the end of the day, there is no deadline that can bring us down. Are you ready to face this challenge?


Vanessa Cova

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