Robotic Process AutomationRPA solutions enable you to automate repetitive, rule-based, and application-centric processes by interacting with application user interfaces in the same way as their human counterparts.
Robotic Process Automation illustration
Non-intrusive technology
Non-intrusive technologyImplementing RPA solutions does not require significant changes in the architecture of information systems or integration with existing systems.
Reduced operational risk.
Reduced operational risk.RPA solutions reduce manual intervention, ensuring uniform task execution and reducing operational risk
Scalability and flexibility
Scalability and flexibilityRPA allows you to enable / disable and add complementary robots when requested, avoiding the increase in the number of workers to cope with work peaks.
Continuous work capacity
Continuous work capacityRobots ensure a 24/7 working capacity with a constant, tested and predictable level of productivity.
AuditabilityRPA ensures a record of all activities performed, their execution time and exception errors checked, allowing to quantify activities not currently measured by organizations, including small manual processes.
Employee Motivation
Employee MotivationEnhance the transformation of Human Resources by channeling efforts to higher value-added functions.
RPA software robot is capable of performing a list of more than 600 actions in a given sequence.In UiPath
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Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation
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