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Simplify access control and route tracking with a contactless and hardware free solution.


Access control and route management solutions require complex installation, setup and hardware maintenance that prevent rapid and simple deployment and demand considerable investment. In addition, any change in the initial setup is a headache and must be performed by qualified technicians that generate additional costs and solutions currently available are unfit for the new paradigm of pandemic compliant solutions.
Due to high implementation and maintenance costs, most companies do not have solutions to manage employee schedules or control their routes making them vulnerable to governmental fines due to lack of schedule control and lose invaluable information about the performance and work performed by their employees.

In large companies, the products currently used do not allow a holistic solution in physical terms and result in high acquisition and maintenance costs.
Omnio App
Omnio App
Simplicity and innovation in route control and attendance


Using any mobile device, from a basic Apple or Android tablet or phone, Omnio provides simple, easy to use, fast deployment and secure access controls, that allow you to control attendance and routes anytime and anywhere.Do you have a single or multiple site? With "on the fly" QR creation, you can quickly print, using any basic printer, georeferenced access control points wherever you choose in your organization and, using Omnio mobile apps, your users will only have to read the QR. Tomorrow the access control needs to be moved? Just take it to the new area and georeferenced again or create a new QR! It’s just so simple!

Do you have members that are working outside your offices? Even simpler than QR! Your team members only have to use the mobile app option "Check-in" and it's done.

Using Omnio Administration application, quickly manage users and check their history with QR and Check-in accesses. Take advantage of machine learning algorithms that guarantee the quality of the information and chase possible incoherencies.

Need to integrate with your IT system? Omnio uses a state-of-the-art Web API where you can manage any required information of your account.


Using state of the art technologies, Omnio provides ease of use and secure access, taking the maximum advantage of Location and QR Code technology and proving a multifactor authentication system.With state-of-the-art User Interface and User Experience, you won't need a user guide to know how to use Omnio. Using a RESTFul format WebAPI, integration with existing application systems is simple, easy and secured.
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