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Gascan is a propane gas trading company, which already has 26 years of experience in the market and has coverage throughout the territory of mainland Portugal.


Gascan's first need was to update the site to a new contemporary platform compatible with mobile devices, in order to facilitate communication with its customers.
Gascan needed a new platform with a back office management tool that would make it easier to interact with its customers and to disseminate new campaigns and information. Also to ease the workload of the customer support team, it was necessary to develop a specific area for their customers to be able to consult and manage their documents and contracts and obtain relevant information without resorting to customer support.
Gascan Website
Gascan Website
Bring the company closer to its customers and improve the quality of customer support


The solution is based on two key ideas: to identify the key communication and support tools from employees to customers, and to give customers an easily accessible platform with all the relevant information.With this in mind, 3 platforms were developed, a website to disseminate information, a customer portal and an operational backoffice. The website was designed from the ground up, with a fresh look and prepared for all mobile devices. The information has been worked on in order to give customers and future customers all the basic information they may need about terms and services. Online service subscription methods and customer support were added. On the customer portal, consumers can access information on consumption, billing, documentation, contract management and also have access to exclusive communications and campaigns. The operational Backoffice, allows the management of the website's contents, launching of campaigns, specific communications for groups of clients and the support.


The 3 solutions were implemented using Microsoft technologies, both frontend (razor views) and backend (.NET Core 2.2 and SQL Server). On the authentication side, 2 different methods were used:- In the backoffice the authentication was based on Microsoft.Identity as it is a project of simple complexity.
- In the customer portal / website as the complexity was higher, in order to decouple responsibilities and to simplify the use of SSO (single sign on) was used IdentityServer. On the architectural side of the solution, it was based on Onion Arquitecture. With this, although we have 3 different solutions in the presentation layer (website, client portal and backoffice), access to the remaining layers was reused. Also, in terms of code reuse, razor views made strong use of partial views.
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