Revolutionizing Retail: An Innovative Collaboration Journey

A top retail tech company, transforms retail with advanced tech. Their app, fueled by gamification and team motivation, drives data-driven decisions for sales growth.
Revolutionizing Retail: An Innovative Collaboration Journey
The challenge

Develop a collaborative platform for retailers and brands

The top retail tech expert is built on a solution empowering clients to conquer business challenges. Brands like Nike, Camper, Crocs, and others seek customer insights for sales growth. With our team’s aid, the platform explores brand-employee-customer dynamics, guiding decisions.

Store sales? Top product? Lead promoters? These KPIs and more are tracked in the solution. Modular, the platform fits teams’ goals and challenges.

How we made IT matter

We developed a comprehensive article management service and a community editor

The project comprised two interconnected elements: a comprehensive article management service and a community editor. In the former, we delineated articles, blocks, and interactions; in the latter, we formulated an editor. The result? A product of exceptional quality, known for its user-friendliness and intuitive interface.

People are key: they stand as pivotal drivers of in-store customer experience. An engaged staff member can truly make a difference. Brands can now involve the community through gamification-driven challenges and meticulous segmentation. The store employees, respond with creative freedom, generating content like text, images, and videos, either through direct uploads or external URLs.

Our team, part of a client-formed development team, comprised 6 makers: 2 backend, 1 frontend, 1 React and React Native specialist, and 2 QA testers. Beyond our technical roles, we also assumed project management responsibilities, ensuring seamless coordination and delivery.



The project was developed using React, along with Craft.js and Redux. This team of 15 individuals, including 6 IT Staffing makers, employed a combination of Scrum and Kanban methodologies over the course of the initial 12-month project phase.


Brands engage the employee community through gamification, and they create content for the team, fostering collaborative growth

Real-Time Retail Execution Platform empowers retailers and brands with synchronized operations, collaborative sell-out strategies, cost optimization, and real-time insights. It reduces lost sales, enhances customer experiences, drives sell-through, and offers data monetization.

With live global insights, early warnings, and performance analytics, the platform ensures exceptional branded experiences in every store, every day.

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