Hitachi Flutter Mobile Solution

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Hitachi Flutter Mobile Solution
The challenge

Improve the communication between the maintainers of the rail tracks and the support team.

Maintainers of the rail tracks and support team communicate by phone to assure workers’ safety. For example, maintainers need to know where it is safe to start repairing a damaged track. Or, in the case of a minor repair, how much time they have before the rail traffic is restored.

This way of communication was cumbersome. So, Hitachi Ventara decided to build a mobile app to improve the quality and speed of communication. The new way of communication should inform both teams in real-time about the course of the job.

How we made IT matter

We developed an web application where the maintainers of a rail track can manage their work and speed up the communication process.

The project consisted of two interconnected systems: a web application and a mobile app. The first to be used by the support team, and the second by the maintainers.

Our team was responsible for developing the web application. Through the application, maintainers can authenticate and access a list of work orders created by the assistants. Each work order has the location of the tracks and the type of work to be done.

Maintainers could not only search and accept work orders but also check the service status on the application. Both maintainers and the support team can change the service status by registering requests such as accepting work or asking to end.

The application also allows knowing where maintainers work by sending their location to the assistant team. That feature increases their safety and eases the team’s coordination.

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We built the application in Flutter, an open-source framework developed by Google for multi-platform applications using a single codebase. Flutter was the right choice for the job because it uses Dart, a language optimized for fast apps on any platform.


Now maintainers and the support team can manage their work in real-time

The web application and the mobile app enable better coordination between teams. In the new way of communication, new maintainers can authenticate and access a list of orders created by the support team on the fly.

Plus, the work order includes all the information maintainers need to do their jobs, such as work’s location, the tracks with issues, and the type of intervention required. Bye-bye, phones.

Real Time work management through web and mobile application

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