Automated Processes of a Large Corporation

Employees of an energy distribution company spent most of their time in repetitive and tedious activities. Day in day out. As expected, demotivation took root. To restore employees’ drive and focus, we automated all those repetitive and predictable tasks
Automated Processes of a Large Corporation
The challenge

To bring the company closer to its customers and improve the quality of customer support

Employees’ motivation was draining. Overwhelmed by trivial, long-lasting and repetitive tasks, they felt unchallenged.
Because such tasks were time-consuming, employees could not do more creative and meaningful activities. Helping to grow the business was off the table.

automated process of a large corporation

How we made IT matter

With the help of our client and their employees, we pinpointed the repetitive tasks that could be automated.
Then we chose the most appropriate technologies to unburden employees


increase in worker productivity in teams using RPA


reduction in costs worldwide through process automation, by 2025

+ 70%

of business processes across different industries could be automated


reduction in errors through the implementation of RPA

“Automation in the workplace: A guide for the C-suite” McKinsey & Company, 2020

1. Uploading documents to the Finance Portal

Every month, hundreds of documents had to be uploaded to the Finance Portal. This procedure took a week and required expensive outsourcing resources.

Solution Set an Orchestrator queue system that updates a SQL database through multiple bots.

Outcome Uploading a single file with all the information is now fully automatic and only takes around 5 to 6 hours.

2. Converting PDF files to CSV

It was necessary to convert PDF files into CSV to feed a database. This operation took about 15 minutes per invoice.

Solution Set a robot to automate the procedure. The output is a CSV formatted file.

Outcome Each file conversion takes less than 10 seconds. 

3. Uploading payment requests in SAP

Every month, hundreds of items had to be loaded into SAP. This procedure took between 3 to 4 days to complete.

Solution Set a robot that automates this routine by keeping an Excel file up to date.

Outcome Now, the task only takes between 3 and 4 hours. The employee just needs to add new items to the Excel file. And it’s done.

4. Extracting bulk data in SAP

As with uploading files to SAP, it was necessary to extract data monthly from that platform. Then, data had to be transferred to a .txt file and uploaded to a database. Outsourcing did this procedure that took several days.

Solution Set a robot to automate the procedure. The bot also converts the data to a TXT format. And makes all outputs available in a folder for the client to check.

Outcome The procedure now takes between 2 and 3 hours and without human intervention.

5. Sending congratulation emails

Email to congratulate employees on their birthday or an achievement. In a large company, it’s easy to lose track of this information.

Solution Set a robot that accesses a database and sends personalized emails without human action.

Outcome All congratulation emails are fully automatic. A little treat always on time.

6. Sending emails with special formatting

Every day emails were sent that took several hours to prepare because they had lots of tables and icons.

Solution Set a robot that automates this procedure, generating emails almost instantly.

Outcome The robot just takes seconds to create and send an email.



The project was developed using React, along with Craft.js and Redux. This team of 15 individuals, including 6 IT Staffing makers, employed a combination of Scrum and Kanban methodologies over the course of the initial 12-month project phase.

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