Case Study: Automation on and off the pitch

A major Portuguese football club, known for its rich history and enthusiastic fan base, grappled with a challenge in its locker room: operational inefficiency. It felt like playing with one less player on the pitch.
Case Study: Automation on and off the pitch
The challenge

Both on and off the pitch, process efficiency is crucial.

Imagine a major Portuguese football club, known for its history and fervent supporters. However, in the locker room, the team faced a challenge: a lack of operational efficiency. It was as if they were playing with one player short on the field.

That’s when our team of RPA and Intelligent Automation specialists stepped onto the pitch. Our mission was clear: optimize processes, reduce costs, and increase the club’s efficiency. And that’s exactly what we did!

How we made IT matter

We strengthened the foundation upon which we would work on automations and defined best practices for processes and development.


Reduction in automation execution time

2 855

given back to the clubs business teams

+ 50%

Time reduction in automation implementation


Growth in automation success rate

Imagine that the club is a vast football field

The first stage of our work was the audit, which involved analyzing the infrastructure, business processes, and existing automations. It was like taking an x-ray of the team to identify its strengths and weaknesses.

Based on the audit, we defined best practices for processes and automation development. It was like creating a team tactics manual, defining the best strategy for each situation.

Next, we implemented the new automations. It was like putting the tactics manual into practice, training the players, and adjusting the strategy according to the team’s needs.

Finally, we monitored the results and made continuous improvement adjustments. It was like tracking the team’s performance and making the necessary substitutions to ensure victory.

Some of the implemented automations include:

Finance Department: We automated invoice extraction and reconciliation, freeing up time for employees to focus on more strategic tasks.

Operational Department: We automated game data extraction, aiding in team performance analysis.

Sustainability Department: We automated the process of managing the gathering of reusable cups, contributing to a greener future.

Customer Support Department: We automated membership number retrieval, making life easier for fans.


Our game-changing performance, with Intelligent Automation, made the team stronger and ready for new titles. Automations improved efficiency, reducing manual task time and optimizing resources.

The Club managed to improve process efficiency. It’s like having a more cohesive and organized team on the field. Reducing costs. This means more resources to invest in reinforcements for the team. Increasing employee productivity. It’s like having a player who multiplies on the field and makes a difference in every play.

With smart plays and well-defined strategies, we achieved:


  • Reducing automation implementation time by 50%. This is like having a player on the bench who enters the field and makes a difference in the match result.
  • Implementing several automations in different club departments.


Now, the club is ready for new challenges and for great achievements. And our team will always be available to provide the necessary support.



UiPath is a leading platform in robotic process automation (RPA), empowering organizations to achieve operational efficiency and innovation through intelligent automation

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